The Kayakers of Helmcken Falls

Our recent road trip through British Columbia led us to Well Grey Provincial Park. A beautiful and vast park with many trails, lookouts, waterfalls, streams and photo opportunities, we could have spent a month exploring this park. With our short amount of time there, we journeyed to the most famous spot in Wells Grey Provincial Park – the Helmcken Falls.

Helmcken Falls is a 463 ft waterfall on the Murtle River. Helmcken Falls is the fourth highest waterfall in Canada. Not wanting to miss such an incredible waterfall, we made the trip far into the park to see these falls. As we enjoyed the view from the lookout platform, we noticed three kayakers at the bottom of the waterfall. How they arrived at this destination, we did not know. What they were doing was preparing to kayak down the smaller waterfall at the base of Helmcken Falls. We could not believe our luck, not only did we have an opportunity to see this incredible waterfall, but we also had a chance to watch these daredevil kayakers test their skill on the water. We watched all three kayakers descend the smaller falls, photographing them the entire time. An impressive feat and one we felt they had done before, as their kayaking seemed quite skilled and effortless.


If anyone could identify these kayakers from September 9, 2012 in Wells Grey Provincial Park, kayaking up Murtle River to Helmcken Falls, we have plenty of photos that they may like to add to their photo albums. Please feel free to share this blog and the photos of these kayakers; we were impressed by this afternoon entertainment as we enjoyed the view of one of Canada’s biggest waterfalls.

First kayaker to tackle the falls:


Second kayaker to tackle the falls:


Third kayaker to tackle the falls:


Close-up shots of all three ambitious kayakers:


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4 Responses to “The Kayakers of Helmcken Falls”
  1. Chris Koch says:

    Wow! Very small world we live in. That is us:-). From left to right in the last photo – Riel MacBoudreau, Chris Koch (me), Koby Trinker. If you want to see a video from our perspective here –

    • No doubt! Thats crazy it took 1 day on twitter too. Thanks for sharing the vid! Looks pretty spectacular from down there.

      The ‘Metro’ Calgary paper printed it today as well (with picture of the full fall and you guys zoomed in, in the article to).

      And Chris if you wan a shoot me an email to ( I will send you some of the pics (have around 15 of each of you) leading up to, going over.


  2. Crystal says:

    Awesome! I forwarded a copy of the Kayakers’ article from Friday’s Metro to my niece in Kamloops and it turns out one of them is her partner. Perhaps someone from the threesome will contact you.

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