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Adventures with Grizzly Bears on the West Coast

Adventures with Grizzly Bears on the West Coast We recently returned from a trip to Vancouver Island where we witnessed Mother Nature at her most glorious and most touching. Our reason for the visit – to get up close and personal with the coastal Grizzly Bear population. This was a return trip for us; in … Continue reading


We Love Moms

As Canadians all around the world today celebrate Mother’s Day, we wanted to share what our idea of beauty is. For most children, their first awareness of beauty is their mom. Their selfless, kind, loving, patient, and nurturing mom. They look up at that woman who brought them life and who lovingly cares for them … Continue reading

BRAGG about the Creek

Lessons in Photography: Courtesy of Man’s Best Friend

We have exciting news to share: We have published our first magazine article and magazine cover in BRAGG About the Creek. BRAGG About the Creek, Winter/Spring 2014 issue is available on news stands in Bragg Creek or watch for it if you are a Globe and Mail subscriber in the Calgary area. To view and read … Continue reading

September Sun Days

The Seasons of Kananaskis

This article was featured in the Friends of Kananaskis Country Newsletter: November 2013 Edition. To learn more about this great not-for-profit organization benefiting Kananaskis Country, please check out their website: As the seasons in Kananaskis Country change, my husband and I are forced to momentarily reflect on our lives. The onset of each new season … Continue reading

At the start of our day we found this female black bear enjoying her breakfast.

Knights Inlet, BC.

Tide Rip Grizzly Bear Adventures

We took a whirlwind trip to Vancouver Island this past weekend. Because we like to defy the logics of sleeping, we tried to fit as much into 65 hours as insanely possible. This included driving to Telegraph Cove to take in one of Tide Rip Grizzly Bear Adventures up Knight Inlet to meet the famous … Continue reading

June 2013. This was our first time running into Solo alone with the sow grizzly anywhere to be found.

The Life of a Grizzly Bear Cub

Meet Solo: Our first photographic journey of a grizzly bear’s graduation into adulthood. We have been given the opportunity to watch our first grizzly bear family experience life in the wild. This grizzly bear family has endured the harsh truths of Mother Nature and yet, have become resilient creatures who roam the Rocky Mountains of … Continue reading

Images: 'Heart Strings' and 'I Left my Heart in NYC'

Art Showcase at Weeds Cafe in Calgary

We are excited to announce that for the month of June 2013, Chad’s work will be showcased at Weeds Cafe in Calgary. This showcase includes thirteen pieces of Chad’s sketch work and paintings. These pieces explore old themes and idealistic dreams through an honest and creative modern viewpoint. This artwork would not classified as mainstream, … Continue reading

13th Avenue Photography

The Ever Evolving Photographers

Since beginning our photography company in 2009, our vision has changed remarkably. The wonderful thing about the changes and growth that we have both experienced as photographers is that, this shift was entirely motivated and creatively driven by the beauty of the world around us. When we first began our company, our photographic vision focused … Continue reading

Nate & Jenna Sneak-Peak

Wedding Photography in Hawaii

Respect for fellow photographers gets one a long way in this business. In today’s age where everyone has a camera of some sort, it is hard to distinguish the professional photographers from the amateur photographers from the lucky photographers. As two photographers ourselves, we are incredibly picky when it comes to photos we like and … Continue reading

The quintessential family.

Family Love is Contagious

As we have begun to expand our realm of photography, we have developed a new fascination with photographing people and families. Individuals rarely know how beautiful they are in moments of their lives. A moment where a mom smiles at her son, a moment where an innocent child is caught off-guard by the camera, a … Continue reading


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